Survivor Team Building Johannesburg

Survivor Team Building Johannesburg

Survivor Team Building JohannesburgOur Survivor Team Building in Sandton is one of our top 10 team building activities in Johannesburg. The event has low physical requirements, and is fit for all ages. Most popular is the Barefoot Bowling - a hip modernized version of traditional bowling. Team Building quotes are inclusive of arrival coffee, 11h00 refreshments, a Braai Buffet, and all team building activities.

09h00 - Coffee, Muffins, Cheese Pastries, Mini Yoghurts

09h20 - Ice Breakers, Fun Group Activities

10h00 - Dividing Teams ±10pp/team
The entire group stand in a circle and everybody get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. Allow about ten people per team.

10h00 - Traditional Games
Teams compete in an array of traditional games, as long as time permits. Popular games include Bharti (Foosball), Blind Folded Minefield, Magic Carpet, Hula Hoop Race, Egg and Spoon Race, Three Legged Race etc.

11h00 - Assorted Sandwiches, Bottled Water

11h20 - Barefoot Bowling
Turn on the music! This is a modernized bowling competition. Teams play barefoot from the four corners of the bowling greens. Utterly brilliant!

12h30 - Newspaper Conveyer Belt
Teams have to build a Conveyor Belt with newspapers and cello tape. They then have to walk inside the belt and race to the end.

13h00 - Braai Buffet
Tenderized Steak, Beef Chuck, Chicken, Wors, served with Pap, Gravy, Salads, and Rolls. Paper or plastic cutlery and crockery for halal meals. Soft Drinks include 340ml can Coke, Sprite, etc.

Optional Cash Bar at the Old English Pub

Dietery Requirements

  • Vegetarian and Vegan order from the menu
  • Halal Meals ordered from Barcelos on arrival
  • Kosher Meals - ordered from Totally Kosher, 3 Cuts of meat with starch and Veg (usually chicken, wors & a chop). 

Depart at Leisure