Team Building Games Johannesburg

Team Building Games Johannesburg

Traditional Games Team Building, our Traditional Games is a fun action packed competition with low to medium physical requirements that fit for all ages. Our Traditional Games is ideal to start or finish your conference in high spirit. The event is about one to three hours, but we can condense it to suite your itinerary. Don't forget to order Bottled Water.

Team Building Games JohannesburgNewspaper Conveyor Belt
The Newspaper Conveyor Belt is probably the ultimate in team building. Teams have to build a conveyor belt with newspapers and sellotape. Then all the teams have to race by walking inside the belt, and feet may not touch the ground. The only way that this can be achieved, is if the team walk in total sync.

Team Building Games JohannesburgBharti is similar to Foosball. While the one team is in the den, the other team have to throw them with a ball. If you are hit, you are out of the game

Blind Folded Minefield
Each team has a blindfolded volunteer in the den, and they must direct him to collect specific colour balls, while the other have to collect other colour balls. Only the blindfolded volunteers are allowed in the den, while the rest of the team is shouting from the outside
Team Building Games JohannesburgHula Hoop Race
Team have to Hop-Skip-and-Jump with Hula Hoops to the crossing. The rest of the team can support from the side line. The Hula Hoop Race is a great adrenaline chaser.

Magic Carpet
Teams have to cross a stretch of grass on a "carpet" without feet touching the ground. The only this can be achieved, is if the team jump forward in perfect sync.

We have many many more Traditional Games available to keep your team busy for hours.